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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I used Gem Matter?

  • For best results, any of our products should be used twice a day

Is Gem Matter Safe for children?

  • Gem Matter is safe for all ages.

  • For anyone under the age of 2, consult with your doctor

How long will it take me to see results?

  • Results can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks depending on the severity of each case. results may vary
  • Gem Matter Lash and Brow Growth Serum is a 6 month supply and you should allow 2-4 months before seeing results

Does Gem Matter have a strong fragrance?

  • Gem Matter restorative Oil has an herbal scent and no additional fragrances are added

  • Gem Matter Beard Growth Oil has a masculine, cool cologne like scent

  • Gem Matter Lash and Brow Growth serum does not have a scent

How long will my bottle last?

  • Depending of the size of your target area, 1 2oz bottle will last 2 to 4 months

  • Gem Matter Lash and Brow Growth Serum is a 6 month supply

What ingredients are used?

  • Olea euro-ales (Olive) oil, Vitis vinifera (Grapeseed) oil. Minthe piperita (Peppermint) oil, Arctium kappa (Burdock) root oil, Lavandula (Lavender oil

I have sensitive skin, can i use this product?

  • Gem Matter has an olive oil base. Consult with your doctor before use.

  • If you have any open wounds on your face, avoid using the beard growth oil due to the fragrance added. 

How should I store my oil?

Gem Matter should be stored in a cool dark area, away from sunlight refrigeration is not needed. examples would be a cabinet or any room in your home away from sunlight​

How long can I use Gem Matter?

  • This product can be used for as long as you'd like

  • It is not necessary to take breaks in between bottles

  • Gem matter has a shelf life of 1 year. If bottle was opened and not used within 1 year be sure to discard

  • Dark herbs may be seen in the bottom of your bottle. This is residue from the herbs used and it is safe to continue use.

Can I use other products with Gem Matter?

  • Yes. Gem Matter should be used first if you are using other products

  • Apply directly to the skin or scalp prior to using any other products

How should I track my growth?

  • It is best to take a before photo and compare your progress to the photo

Do you ship outside the U.S?

  • International shipping is not available at this time

What is your return policy?

  • No refunds or returns due to the nature of this product

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