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Hair Growth Power Trio Set

Hair Growth Power Trio Set

$85.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price

Unlock your healthiest, thickest hair yet with our Hair Growth Power Trio Kit. This set bundles our 3 top-selling products to infuse your strands from root to tip:

- Restorative Hair Oil - Nourishing oil made with a proprietary herbal infusion to stimulate follicles, prevent shedding and breakage, add shine.

- Hair Growth Shampoo - Gentle daily cleanser powered by herbs to remove buildup, unclog follicles, prime hair to better absorb treatments.

- Hair Growth Conditioner - Intensive moisturizing cream treatment that complements the shampoo's cleansing with hair-loving oils and deep conditioning.

Together this hair growth trio supercharges your routine to:

- Helps to Stimulate fast, healthy hair growth

- Helps Increase thickness and fullness

- Helps to Prevent hair loss and shedding

- Helps Repair damage and split ends

- Add luminous shine and bounce

We combined our star hair treatments into an easy complete kit. Try out the Gem Matter difference for yourself. Experience fuller, longer, flowing locks in as soon as 3-6 weeks with powerful natural ingredients.

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